Anywhere in Canada , British Food !

I would love to get a British  Christmas pudding for Christmas here. In Vancouver. Any suggestions on a store that’ sells them or online delivery.  I see there is a store in Ontario called A bit of Home which has a lot of items and their shipping is not too costly.
Any other suggestions please .

Vancouver is where I lived for many years, and my mother would make us delicious homemade Christmas pudding every year.   However, if you simply google 'british import stores vancouver', I think you will find some local outlets such as 'British Import Shop' or 'British Homeware Imports', as well as others that should have what you are looking for.   You might even try your local  'Thriftys' or 'Whole Foods' grocery outlet for your Christmas pudding .....

The Hudson's Bay Company used to carry stuff like that on their food floor in the big downtown store. Not sure if they have it anymore, though, as the downtown Vancouver store has gone through so many changes.

Thank you for your answer. I have googled and found there is a store in Vancouver on 41st and Dunbar That sell everything British Scottish Welsh and Irish.

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