Info on British dental nurse working in Saudi?

I'm looking for some information on if it's possible a British dental nurse qualification would be accepted in Saudi?

Hi Sharon, yes this is possible for you. You would have to get a visa etc.

do I apply for a visa before applying to jobs? I'm having no success finding the correct information.


Hi Sharon,

Apply for jobs first and secure employment as that way when you apply for a visa you can show the Saudi embassy that you are going there for work and have everything planned out and ready for you when you get there.. or at least try and secure some type of contact with the companies or dental practices they have over there.

The thing with Saudis is that you always have to prove why you are going there and what you are going there for.

Out of curiosity why Saudi?? I would have thought maybe the emirates for someone of your profession. It’s not easy for a western girl to fit in there.

That's great thankyou for the information. It's a big help.

I have a relative who lives there. He's been there for many years and I just thought if I went some were near him it would help a little more.

No problem anytime.

If you need anymore info just let me know. I have a little experience on getting visas for Saudi.

Or if you prefer I live in the west end of glasgow so if you are near and want to more info over a coffee I would be happy to assist.

That's great thankyou. I'll give you a message if I need any more answers .

Do dental nurses need to take an exam for data flow in Saudi?

I’m waiting on my mumaries And they rejected my qualifications not sure why
I’m re submitting again

It’s taken a lot longer than I expected

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