New rules for cash and care benefits

I heard from my friends that many of them didnt get this cash and care benefits as for the new rule that both parents should have been living here for 5 years. Any experience, comments or reactions about this rule?

It has been implemented since July this year.  Lots of complaints of course

I am not aware and not sure about any new rule. I came to Norway 7 months ago along with my family and i am getting cash & care benefits for the past 5 months for my son who is 1 - 2 yrs. Resident permit, Personal ID and bank ID were required. Online application in NAV application works. If the kid is more than 2 yrs, then you must have stayed in norway for atleast 1 year. I am not aware of any other rules.

Hi,  When did you send in for your application for cash and care for benefits?

The new rules apply for NEW application from 1st July 2017.

Given that you said you are here for 7 months already and receive benefits 5 months ago, I assume your application was sent in before July?  NAV is not reputable for being able to disburse cash for benefit immediatly in the same month of application.

I guess thats the case for him.

I saw the new rule as i was searching for it because my son is turning 1yr old soon. It was quiet disappointing knowing that they changed the rules. But we will still try to apply.

Is your husband norweigan citizenship?  I know that a lot of norwegians with foreign wives are objecting towards the rule.  and the last news I heard about this rule, the parliament plans to debate whether it should be waive for spouses of norwegian citizens.  The reason is the rule was set to prevent foreign families who are trying to exploit the system and not contributing to the workforce.

Yes my husband is norwegian citizen and he think that its unfair.

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