Moving my personal belongings to Vietnam

hi everybody......I just moved to Saigon on a tourist visa at the moment..... Trying to ship my personal belongings  here, but very difficult  because I don't have a Work Permit.....I am actually a writer, not not easy........any advice?..... Any "shortcuts......I have sufficient funds for my stay in Vietnam at least 5 years, so don't really need to work

Depends what items and how many there are. If its just a few boxes it's very easy, if it's a house full of furniture, not so easy.

15 moving furniture....what do you mean by easy?.....coming from HK

A friend has two boxes freighted up from Australia. When they arrived in Saigon the agent there demanded a further $US100 to freight them 450km to Nha Trang. A rip off.

Another friend frieghted up two containers and had 25% of the contents stolen before delivery.

Expect similar problems, theft is endemic.

When we moved here from the States, we had a total of 135 kg (300 lbs) of free baggage between checked and carry-on.  In addition, many airlines allow passengers to pay for 10 extra checked bags per person = 12 checked bags, one carry-on, and one personal item.  Thus, taking a trip home to get everything you cannot live without would be the safest way to "ship" your belongings IMO.

A great majority of passengers in our flight had their checked baggage in the form of moving boxes.

Could you trying on this service, the fee a bit expensive but much safer, I have done many times transferring personal stuff,  and so far I had no problem

Dear friends,

thank you for the "warning"


Thank you...... may be my "last hope"..... good idea to transport as extra lugage

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