Where to stay in KLCC? Room for rent?

Since my husband will work and as expat (Filipino), in KLCC area Malaysia, where do you guys think is the best place to stay? And affordable but nice

Is this  single occupancy room for him only? If so check out www.ibilik.my for options. Flat sharing for couples is quite difficult to find but there are studios from about RM1600 per month at Maytowers.

KLCC is one of the most expensive places to stay. I was working in Maxis Tower @ KLCC last time. I can help to check it or you and may be introduce my friend who also a very nice and reliable agent. You need provide me more information like. how long the tenant? how many people, etc..  Fully finished, etc.

Though there are many online property or sites, however, I would suggest you to look for friends to check it out first, or reliable agents to introduce which is best for you (as they are a lot of condos for rent in the area)  you are not familiar with KL. :-)

There are also rentals at www.mudah.my

Thanks so much. He is alone for now. We prefer he has his own room, maybe with some areas in the hose that are shared by male co-tenants. Studio Condo is also an option. As long as the place to stay has its own internet, washing machine, kitchen to cook, and aircon (just a bonus).


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