tax lawyer ? EVA or KATA ?

Hello everyone,

My wife, my daughter and I are planning to relocate in Budapest. I have an EU passport, she is Hungarian.

I have a question regarding income from private entrepreneurial activities.

As a private entrepreneur ( web marketing and sales) , granted that :

i will be a subcontractor of a EU company
I will charge that company approximately 750 K HUF per month
I anticipate approximately 150 K HUF of expenses per month ( accountant, phone, meals, business travel etc..)
I have one kid and wish to have another one ASAP

What should i opt for ? flat-rate taxation ? Simplified Entrepreneurial Tax (EVA) ? Fixed-Rate Tax of Low Tax-Bracket Enterprises and on Small Business Tax (KATA) ? VAT subject or not ?

Thanks in advance for your answers :)

If you have deductions of that magnitude, then use EVA, not KATA. KATA can limit your deduction options.  You may even consider a KFT.

If your product or services are used in the EU, and especially if you ship them across boarder in the EU, then you have to register for and collect VAT. Unless the company you work for considers you an Employee for tax purposes.

Also, most business entities are required to have an accountant in Hungary. So figure from 20K to 30K a month for that service.

great thanks a lot.

it's really appreciated

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