Job offer and visa

I am Ara from Philippines. I have accepted a job offer from my company's sister company based on Malaysia. I have reading a lot on this site and been very helpful, though, some of which were already years ago and possible may not be applicable anymore. I have already submitted documents asked by the HR and was advised that once it is approved, I need to go to Malaysian Embassy and get a single entry visa. Is this what they calling as Stage 1?

My hiring manager needs me to be in Malaysia 2nd week of December. I have read here there is no specific timeline and might take up days even a month.

1. Since I am holding Philippine passport, I can enter Malaysia without needing a visa staying less that 30days. Can I enter Malaysia while stage 1 is on process? I have read somewhere about going to Malaysia with an invitation to attend business meeting and client engagement, then while there, their EP are being processed.

2. What's the difference with visa with reference and visa without reference?

3. Can I start working with company while stage 1 is on process? And apply/pay for journey perform after?

4. Basically, above is more on Malaysian gov requirements, but Philippine gov requirements will be another one to process. So, any advise you can suggest will be very appreciated.

To add, offer is around 5KMYR.

Thanks a lot!

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