Best Place to live outside SMA-Centro,

I want to buy a reality  "in" SMA, but would preferr a bit outside with 15 to 25 minutes walking distance f.e. to Parque B. Juarez.

Which Neighborhoods are possible ? What do you think about living in Balcones or Atascadero always regarding this points:
1. Walking distance
2. security
3. Water availability
4. clima
5. puplic transportation

I know, its an "old" Question. Thanks a lot for your infos.

Since you mention 15-25 minute walking distance I assume you plan on walking a lot, which is what we do. While I understand the attraction to Balcones and Atascadero in the views consider having to walk up that steep hill to get to your house daily.

My wife and I have been visiting San Miguel for 12 years, always renting houses. We have rented over 17 homes in that time until June of '16 when we bought a house in colonia San Antonio. We love it! The neighborhood is closer to Centro attractions such as the Parroquia than some of the outer edges of what is considered Centro. Things are quiet and cheaper. We love that the neighborhood still feels Mexican. But we still enjoy all Centro has to offer and property is appreciating. Similar neighborhoods with good value and future appreciation would be Guadiana, Independencia and somewhat behind the growth curve, Guadelupe.

It really comes down to what do you want in a neighborhood? I realize you listed criteria but don't overlook the feel of where you live. The serenity, the people you see on the streets. The local tienditas, the bakery and other business you should be frequenting when you move into which ever colonia you decide.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer.
After some weeks living in the center (noicy, smoke)
Now we found a place .
Ca. 20 min strong walk to center, but quiet and "good" neighborhood.
(ps.: sorry for my bad english)

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