doctor’s salary

Hello everyone,

I would greatly appreciate any advice and opinion on this please.
I am currently working as a consultant in the UK. I have been offered a job as a consultant in Muscat with the following benefits:
4000 OMR
Fully paid education for 2 children in any school (Hospital will pay the school directly)
Paid flights for family and 3 children
Family status
Health insurance
But NO accommodation

I am not sure of doctor’s salaries in the middle east particularly Oman. Please could any members tell me if this is fair offer or should I negotiate accommodation??

Thanking you

Hi Mate,
I'm not in your business... But as I know that salary offer is great, compare to mine and other expats that I known.
The monthly rate here for a small villa around 800 omr, but you can find better. It's a down moment here and the rent prices are fallen down around 25%.

Be ready to be in a golden cage...

Here to have a quick idea about the rental situation: … nt/muscat/


Thank you Mario, that was helpful


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