healthcare insurance and other migration questions

Hello fellow forum member,

Healthcare insurance. Such a nice and entertaining subject...

We hope you have some time to read this message or simply give a reply by stating an address where we could learn more.

We are dearling hoping to immigrate to Slovenia this spring but we're still having trouble with finding an affordable way to cover the costs of the healthcare insurance. At the moment we have a sort of expat/travel insurance but this has its limitations and eventually we have to find another way to get insured.

We read somewhere online that it is tricky but possible to get a healthcare insurance as a foreigner. Could anyone please tell us if there is a possibility to, for instance, pay a monthly fee or another way to get insured? What would the costs be?

We'd also like to import our car, but haven't found much information about the procedure and cost.

We are planning to start a small business but this would be at a later stage. Anyone have an idea about the monthly costs of being self employed?

Sorry for letting you think about this unattractive subject and maybe raking up some stressful memories but we would be much ablidged by any ideas or suggestions about insurance and immigration.
At the moment it's our full time job to know as much as possible and we still have so many questions.

Hope you have a nice weekend and we're looking forward to your reply

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