Looking for a room in a WG

Hi! My name is Patri , I come form Spain and will be working in Munich from March on as an engineer. I am in the search of  a room in Maxforstadt or Schwabing, as I will be working in Leopoldstrasse, but I am open to new offers :)

I would like to have a nice living together with my flatmates, spend time together cooking, having a beer or doing whatever makes us having a good time.

It is very unlikely that you find a room before your arrival - without the landlord or flatmates having met you. Neither is it advisable to agree on renting something you haven't visited and seen.
Therefore, I advise you arrange for temporary accommodation for the first weeks in Germany and start your search for a permanent place then.
Also, Munich is the most expensive and most difficult rental market - budget at least EUR500, better EUR600/month for a WG room!

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