Spouse visa processing time

Hello guys I submitted my documents on 8th September 2017 for long stay visa to join my spouse who is a Belgian citizen. It is going to be 3 months since I applied but got no answer of approval of documents till yet. Can you guys tell me what is the maximum processing time? And what to do next?

As you can read in many threads here, right now waiting time is more than 5 months or so. There are people who applied in April and still waiting decision.

Sir but the vfs says it is upto 6 months.  My husband has the Belgian nationality and has his own house and health insurance. He works about 2000€ monthly. Do I still have to wait for more than 5 months? Or it is for the people who have a weaker case?

Hello aneeshk.hope you well! I m still wating for the visa approval.one thing I heard that if your visa proceeding time go longer ,there is much chances of approval,.is this true or just rumour?

@Mohsinjazzy they should give you either denial or accept your request of visa. How can they put you in waiting for upto 7 months.

They can :) it is all depending on the workload of the ministry.

Yes nowadays 6 months or more. Spouses social or financial status does not play a role in the time taken to process.

Thankyou aneeshk !

Do they count Time period of 6 months from date of application
From the date of registration of application from aliens office?

Is there any way to fasten the process ?

Date of registration of application in aliens office I guess (from the experiences we hear in this forum)

Hi everyone
                    I have got my visa approved ...hope everyone else will get soon😮

Hey congrats. When did u apply? And how much time did it take pls tell me I am so worried about my visa.

Congrats sanju.in sha Allah

I applied in april ...got approved on 1st Dec....
Acrually They  had been ask for one document so it has taken at least 3 weeks n it got extended because of that otherwise it would have taken close to  7 month ...anywasys I have my visa finally

what kind of document they aaked? how much salary did you give them when you applied? i have a prblem in my salary sheet because i was selfstanding & dint had a enoght money?

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