Moving soon to Budapest . Need some information please help !!!


I just signed my letter of employment offer to work in Budapest.

Could you please advise if it is possible to get a studio or one bedroom apartment near to this location: Soroksari u 30-34, Budapest 1095 ?
Also what could be the rent cost, any website where I can find affordable rent to that location ?

Or also you may advise nearby location that have affordable rent costs, security and easy access to public transport?

Thanks so much.


Hi Michel, If you feed in your address on google map, you will see the public transport options nearby. … d19.070747

Trams 2 and 24 run near this address, and buses 23, 54 & 55. There are several night busses shown as well in black. The ferry stop, D11 is nearby as well.

The address you have given is situated in district IX of Budapest - you can see that as you pull out in google map by clicking on the minus sign. You can also have a clearer idea of the districts in budapest by visiting this page : … n_Budapest

ingatlan is the word for property in hungarian. so you will find several websites by the name ingatlan. you need to choose buying or renting, budapest and the specific district to see various options. there are usually scores of options.

Last I checked, any nice small flat rental would cost atleast 1200 dirham (since you are coming from UAE you would be familiar with that currency) - about 80,000 HUF (hungarian forint), but probably a bit more including monthly utilities bill.

Thanks so much Meht...

Can't rent anything in the city now for less then 100,000 F , you will have to go out of town for anything cheaper then that. That might cover a dumpy flat. Nice ones will be at least 100,600.
Transportation  anywhere in Hungary is not hard to find but costs are rising within the city limits on rentals.
The city is also getting very dirty with dog dropping everywhere, dirty and smelly. They clean the sidewalks at least once a week with pressured washers but still... If they did it 3 times a day it still wouldn't be often enough.

I am sorry to hear the city is getting dirtier. In my two 1-month trips in Budapest in May and Oct 2017 there were a very few dodgy areas we came across, the rest of the city was fine for us. We lived near Rakoszi ter in District VIII.

Yes about dogs. I love to see them out and about, all shapes and sizes.. but perhaps it is better to have more parks devoted to dogs and their droppings (even though those should be collected by the dog owners as far as possible).

But on the whole, we found Budapest clean, flowers everywhere, different trees with changing foliage, benches to sit on. and the public transport was the best we had seen anywhere..

I have seen Budapest in the past , moved to stay about 11 years back.
It may still be nicer then other parts of the world but it really is getting dirty compared to how it used to be.
Don't think they will dedicate more land to dog parks. they have several already, issue is getting owners to pick up after their pets.
I suppose I am upset because within the last couple of months our front door to our building has become a fave of several dogs, I can only blame the owners for allowing them to relieve themselves in the front door pathway.
The maintenance crew here has placed that white ammonia powder in the front to discourage this but rivers of urine are still being spewed out daily.
Disgusting is the only word for it.
We overall live in a decent area too, in the 7th.
I think the city should impose stiff fines since common courtesy is lacking for more then a few pet owners. Only takes a few rotten apples to spoil it for everyone.
I used to have a huge Doberman and believe me it wasn't exactly a treat to care for him on his walks but I did figure out a way to not even allow a drop of waste to hit the sidewalk let alone have him relieve himself on someones front doorway or grass.
15 or so years back while on a long holiday in Hungary, I overheard someone speak about how funny it was for them to allow their dog to do it's business on their neighbors lawn knowing the person was not at home.
We leased a villa at lake Velenca from a friend.
One summer day while sunbathing in the back yard I overheard across the fence a couple speaking English.
Couldn't help hearing them as they both spoke rather loudly.Seems the women was from NY by her accent and the man was Hungarian, a older couple. The women was very unhappy about retiring in HU and they were discussing it. They seemed to be with another couple sharing the villa over the summer.
I thought to myself, I should go over one day and introduce myself to the lady because she seemed to want a friend to talk with. A few mins into her conversation I decided she was evil and mean and I was not interested in knowing her at all.
She started to "brag" to the man that when she would take her dog out for a walk in the US she always waited until her neighbor had left for work so her dog could do it's thing on their yard. She stated she didn't like to pick up after it and she let her neighbor deal with the mess. People can be really, really selfish at times.
People in general are becoming more careless with everything, happening everywhere not just here in HU.
When I had a pet I lived in a big house in Ca., on the corner with allot of land near the public sidewalk. None of my neighbors ever allowed their dogs waste to remain on my lawn and I took care when he had his walks. people seemed to respect each others private property at least where I had lived. We dog owners knew each other mostly and knew the names of each others pets.
It was a nice place to live at the time I suppose.
Not going to find that here much in a city.
I heard in a town in Italy pet owners are required to carry water with them on their dogs walks to wash away any urine. Huge fines if caught leaving waste matter or fluids. Seems strict but if people can't use their brains and be decent, then perhaps they need to feel it in their wallets.

yes, i empathise.. Walking through small cities in the cotswolds, we saw notices with stiff fines for not picking up after one's dogs.. perhaps the municipalities need to do more of that here..

EVen though i have had dogs and we managed them well enough, i still dont quite know how to guide my dog well enough to have him / her relieve her self at the right stop.. though i tried..

That's cute, the deal is to train your dog to see you as the boss.
Not many people seem to have real control on their pets lead.
They just let them wander about ...
If a pet could "hold it" in the house, then they can hold it a few more feet if they want to.

I'm rather a odd person, once I decide to do something IE learn to deal cards in a casino, cut  hair, have a pet .cook a dinner etc. I do try to perfect each task to my best ability.
Hate to be overly sloppy in any in endeavour, hench, I hate to do anything seriously these days.
Like the old saying, anything worth doing is worth doing right.

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