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Can anyone please let me know how long it takes to get a residence permit after arrival in Belgium? I find myself in a catch 22 since i need an apartment once I move there and I cannot sign a lease without a residence permit.


It depends on the commune you're registering at, and how lucky you are. The process is usually supposed to take 3-4 weeks, but I know people who have had to wait 6 months. Some town halls are much busier than others, such as the Brussels, Ixelles, and Schaerbeek ones. I speak from experience, as I applied to extend my residence permit almost 2 months ago at the Schaerbeek town hall, and I still haven't heard back.

Thanks! Thats helpful. How would the non-EU individuals manage to rent apartments without the residence permit?

Landlords are normally ready to sign the contract with passport as an identification and on the condition that residence permit copy will be provided as soon you get it.

The other option is to take up residence at apart hotels till you get your residence permit and once you have it then you can look for apartments to rent.

Thanks aneeshks and solexhonda!

Solexhonda, its my understanding that a lease agreement has to provided for the residence permit. Would aparthotels be able to fulfill that criteria?

You may have to check with the apartment provider. Some let you use the address for registration, some dont.

Your situation is the same as that of any expat that moves to Belgium for the first time. I passed through the same situation and many of my colleagues/friends. Most landlords understand that you need to establish the residence and make a contract etc in order to register and get a residence permit. So they take passport as initial identification proof (and make sure you have a job, financial means to pay the rent, etc) and of course you will make the bank security deposit (2 months rent or so). Based on these, they make a contract with you. Once you have the Rp, you give the landlord a copy (or provide him the national number once you get). This is how it works normally.

Thanks aneeshks! This helps me better understand the situation.

Hi Aneeshks, you seem to know quite a lot about how things work here in Belgium. Would you be able to have a look at my previously posted question in the forum and help me out with any advice yiu may have?

By paying additional cost (i think 85 euros)  you can go for a fast track RP processing . Usually takes 1week - 10 days to get the RP.

Hi Gajendra,

85 euros post police verification or at the time of appointment with commune(1st visit to commune) ?

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sandym007 :

Hi Gajendra,

85 euros post police verification or at the time of appointment with commune(1st visit to commune) ?

After Police verification and approval from ministry commune will invite you to order the card. During this time you can ask for fast track processing.

when do we get the national number ?
a. When commune invites to apply for card , do they share the national number ?
b. After applying for the card we get it along with printed card.

Once the Ministry accepts your registration, I beleieve. No harm in going to the commune and enquiring.

Is there any way to track the application ?

No. Just visit the commune and ask :)

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