Jobs in Guayaquil

Hi, this is my first time using a forum so please bear with me.

I am from Philippines, and I am planning to work in Ecuador by next year. This is my first time to work abroad actually, so there are lots of things that i don't know.

What jobs can i apply in Guayaquil aside from English teacher? I am only a graduate of two year course since we have a problem financially and i can't finish my study up to 4th year to get a Bachelor's degree.

I am interested in teaching english, but I can't get TESL Certificate or other related certificates due to financial problems.

Are there production or manufacturing job in Guayaquil? I have an experience working in that field for a year. I am also considering working there as a Nanny or Child Care, Housekeeping (i can study for NC II) or Waitress. How much is the rate? I want to enjoy working in Guayaquil living alone, but still supporting my family here in Philippines. I just really want to work there in Guayaquil. I fell in love with the place that's why I wanna work there. Is it also a safe place?

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