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hi sir. i am kirishanth from Sri Lanka. i will come next month in latvia for my bachelor studies. now i am looking for part time jobs in latvia. can you help me? thanks sir

Hi kirishanth,

What kind of job offers are you looking for please?

Feel free to use the jobs in Latvia section to post your CV. It might help.

Have a nice day,

Priscilla team  :cheers:

thanks for your reply sister.  I am kirishanth. I have 20 years old. I will come junuary in latvia. I need just part time jop. I will study engineering subject.  please help me. give me any work I am ok sister.  can you sent your mail I will my cv

I will also hope to come much can i earn for 1 hour while doing my studies

which country

hi friends, please help me

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