Interesting customs and traditions in Oman

Hello everyone,

Living outside of our home country requires us to adapt to a new culture and different traditions. What are some of the cultural specifics in Oman?

What are some of the traditional beliefs and cultural practices that you have encountered in Oman that are different to your home country?

Tell us a bit more about some of the customs that you’ve found interesting, such as communication style, food, greetings, laws, or festivities.

What were your initial reactions and how did you adapt to them?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


I am here in oman 14 years complited.
About culture is very nice good .
Food also i got good test tradational food
About festival of oman i love more for
National day
Khareef season
Indipendet day of 23 july
I love oman people thy loveble persons from  other contary.

Good Morning!!

No Worries, No Complaints, I guess i move along with the flow of the place iam living  in , Yes this is my tenth INternational destination, and thus, iam okay with the way things are , thus far.

However no used to the laid back stuff within the country, nothing much to do, other than Malls, Movies, our long drives.

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Hello everyone,

I am in Oman since 2013 and love this peaceful country. It being an Islamic country follows all the traditions of Islam particularly being Ramadan.

Omanis are very friendly and helpful people.  As compared to India food is less spicy but that can be adjusted as various restaurants are there.

Due to strict implementation of law crime is always under control here.

What surprised me most that the vehicles halt on road and giving first way to pedestrians to cross the road which was in stark contrast to what we observe in Asian countries.

Hope I have covered all the topics.

Have a nice day.

:-)        Manish

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