Hi all,

I will be moving to Jakarta in Jan

My job is in Bogur. Near HARRIS Hotel Sentul City - Bogor

I am looking for anyone that goes daily (Monday to Friday) from Jakarta to Bogur by car to share expenses and go together.

Some info on me, I am Indian, from Mumbai, working in a International company and handling their Indonesia Operations, don't speak Bahasa Indonesia, very friendly

If anyone is willing to take me along or knows someone it will be very much appreciated.
Also can you suggest any good location to stay in Jakarta, i am just 27 Years old and

Thank you

The travelling will kill you, more so when you see the jams.
I strongly recommend moving to a place nearer your work if possible.

Agreed on Fred comment.

Hi, I'm also indian (but born in Indonesia). If you still wish to stay in Jakarta area, better to take train (commuter train) for your transport to Bogor area - free from T-jam and moreover the crowd will be less if you travel in the morning, because its a turn back (most of ppl in Bogor work in jkarta).

Thank you for the help.

I am not keen on staying in Bogur as i want to be in city centre.

Which are the nearest train station sin South Jakarta?
Is there a website where i can check the station names?

I have no idea about the public transport, i just know about blue bird and the motors

Input:  Gambir (Jakarta) Station to Bogor

comdoc :

Input:  Gambir (Jakarta) Station to Bogor

I've just looked at the traffic on Google maps at the moment (6am Jakarta time) and it's pretty much clear so your trip from South Jakarta to Gambir, probably best by Transjakarta bus, should be pretty easy.
The trains are pretty cheap but the journey time is about an hour and a half so you're adding three hours in time to your working day, and that's before you consider the bus ride and getting from Bogor station to your office.
Basically, it'll be pointless living in Jakarta as you'll never see the place except from a bus or train window.

Another issue - rents are paid by the year here so you're stuck with that for twelve months unless you're willing to lose the cash when you see how bad your idea is.

As you'll have little time except on the weekends, I would strongly advise you live near work, then stay in a Jakarta hotel at weekends if you want to party.

If you are in south Jakarta then all trains south go to Bogor. Kalibata, Tebet, Cawang, Depok and more. You just need to go to the nearest one and get one the Bogor train. The train net work is really simple but very crowded.
All trains pass through Manggerai which is spelt wrong. No point going to Gambir as the Bogor trains don't stop there the nearest is station is Gondgdalia or something weird but it's in Menteng.

You can buy daily weekly or monthly tickets I believe and it's relatively hassle free except the volume of people and if you get used to that then it's fine.

However Bogor is a great place to live with lots of bars, restaurants and it's laid back. The traffic is the same as Jakarta but it is cooler and up in the mountains.

Thank you for the help.

The thing is my company’s bank, accountant are in South Jakarta.
Our warehouse is in sentul city.

I am talking to my company people and mostly I will have to go to bogur 2 times a week.

So I think 2 times a week should be fine.

I just checked google maps. Bogur main part is far, but the sentul City it is showing 45 mins from Rasuna area where I am planning to stay.

So I think if my job role wants me to travel to warehouse daily I will stay near the warehouse only, it is smarter option.
Let’s hope I don’t have to travel daily to warehouse.😇

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