International airline travel into Vientiane

There are now many daily international flights in and out of Vientiane.

I am curious as to other members thoughts and experiences on the arrival process with regard to getting a visa on arrival. Is the present system time consuming or done in a reasonable time frame especially with the increased number of tourists arriving daily.
How would you rate the customs officers checking passports. Are they pleasant to deal with.

And what of the reverse process of checking in, going through customs and immigration before heading in to the departure lounge.

How would you rate the facilities in the terminal with regard to food etc.

Hi stumpy.
I apologize for my first post being more or less a high jacking of yours due to the fact that I’ve never flown into Vientiane. I fly from the U.S. and usually take a couple of weeks of holiday in Thailand with my fiancé before heading to her village an hour outside of Vientiane.
We fly from BKK to Udon Thani, and then shuttle over the river. It’s frequently a savings of around two hundred dollars US doing this. I was just curious if this is a common practice  among expats there.

Thanks for this and a couple of dozen other things I’ve learned from your posts, while lurking about over the last few years.


No apology needed. My personal preference is to fly into Vientiane as it means I miss out on the queues waiting to get over the river and on into Vientiane. Family meet me at airport and I am home in 10 minutes or so. Time wise this is the better option for me.

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