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My name is avinash i'm from india, i dont have a degree but i'm working as a CG Lighting Artist in a animation studio, i want to move to PNG and i need a job and im ready to do any kinda job which pays for the living(room rent, food, etc), so please advise.

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You should post an ad in Papua New Guinea Classifieds -> Jobs section, mentioning your qualifications & experiences.

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i got the job in PGK but i m confused abt lifestyle in PGK for indians...can anybody suggest me

Wat kinda job u got

Please help me find a job

HI friends,
myself Uday More, from Kolhapur-Maharashtra, INDIA. I have joined PNG LNG PROJECT on 11 April 2011.
Please give me some guidlines how to live in PNG?

Udaymore - Where will you be in PNG?

Check out
It may or may not help.  A funny read at times I am sure.


My Name is Sanjay Singh and I,m an Indian.
At the moment i,m working with USA Army as a Head Maintenance Supervisor in Afghanistan.I have worked with KBR in Iraq before.
And i wants to work in PNG now so please give me some guidlines how to get a Job in PNG.

Contact me :

Hello Sanjay1598 and welcome to! :)

You should post an advert in the Jobs in Papua New Guinea section. It can help.

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Try the following Media companies via websites:-

Kundu tv

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