building my dream life in turkey

hey everybody i'm rex but this isn't my real name actually i'm 20 years old lives in somalia first of all i want to mention that turkey is one of my favourite countries i actually want to live there and also travel the world and i want to build my dream in turkey i actually want to start an online business in turkey and to start building my own social media that is the dream i want to persue in turkey i actually love turkish people and turkish food i speak in arabic,english,somali and little bit turkish so i want you guys to give me more information abour turkey and the best way to make this happen in turkey.

Hello Rex,

There are lots of information about Turkey in this forum. You can take a look the previous posts. If you specified the info that you want to learn, it would be much easy to get feedback from other users. Good luck in advance and welcome to forum. 


ok i will try to post again and explain it more clearly thanks by the way

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