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Hi All;

I am looking for roof repairmen to repair my leaking ceramic roof on my home in Phuket
Can anyone recommend?

Also I keep posting to this site but it doesn't seem to be much for home owners in Phuket with relative home owner reno information etc.
is there another xpat forum for this? Does anyone know

thank you

Try asking other expats in the area. There are expat clubs in Phuket you can contact.
Google search.

Ask your neighbors, Sure the have some work done over the years, And have contact numbers for some that can do that kind of work.

Or ask motorbike taxi, They have contact all over.

If you can read / write Thai or have a friend that can help you, Look at facebook page for you area, People review people from that area, give out contact numbers, Show pictures of what the people work for them have done and so on.
Tell you price range.

I don´t like FB, But my wife find people to work on our house this way.

Thank you for a response.  I have tried google search for other expat clubs but have had no success finding an expat club for home owners in Phuket.  Do you have any suggestions for such a search. Most expat clubs I have come across are mainly to meet other expats, and life in general in Thailand. My search is more specific to home owner experiences and sites. 


I'm not sure who FB is as you indicate in your reply but I thank you for a response at least.
If you care to forward any more information on FB I will try and do a google search.
I'm open to any suggestions

thanks again

There is a site called "Internations". They are expats located all over the world. You can focus on Thailand and inquire with the folks there. Also, good old word of mouth has always been a good method of getting info. My sister-in-law's brother does all of that kind of work and he is very good, but he's way over here in Prawet Bangkok, so that doesn't do you much good. Some real estate people in your area should have some reliable connections. Good luck.   dcb

I am a member of Internations. It is simply a social club. But who knows you might bump into someone who could help you or give you some direction.

Personally, I have a Thai shop down the street. It's something like a Thai version of a 7/11. The woman and her mother have the shop, and their home is behind the shop. So the shop has been there for a very long time. She seems to have an answer for everything. There are several little shops on every street like that. You might also contact realtors. I know one realtor here that provides service work for homes. At least here it's not the rainy season and you have time to find someone befire it starts.


As i start the end of my post " Look at facebook page for you area" Facebook = FB.
Not many people on the web keep writing Facebook after the first time in a post.

Thanks Bill
I too was on the Internations site and would agree is seems to be just a social site for expats.
You mention a realtor in your post that does work on homes as well, would you be able to give me the name of the realtor.

I really appreciate your feed back

thanks again

Thank you for they reply.  I was able to find the Internations site but it does seem more like a social gathering site for expats.  Your suggestion of a realtor is worth a try though. This is where my next search will be headed to.

thanks again I really appreciate the feed back

Worth a try


Yes I can give you the name. Unfortunately, both myself and the realtor are in Chiang Mai. Do you have a Thai friend who could search for realtors in Phuket?

For clarification, when I meant realtor I meant a realtor who has people who do the work for him. It's unfortunate that cell phones no longer have yellow pages :)

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