1 month in downtown Algiers

Hi I'm Scott.
I've been coming to Algiers for a few years now , mostly just for a few days or a week. Since Jan 2017 I've been doing 2 weeks in Algeria and 2 weeks back in the UK.
Our business is promoting English Language teaching.

Our biggest problem this time was trying to find suitable accommodation for our stay of 4weeks. We wanted something economical but also nice.

There is only 1 solution in my opinion: Rent an entire house ...
Avoid hotels in Algiers .... Or .....try another city .... many opportunities in Oran , Sétif ...etc.

Hello Mr Interpreter
Thank you for your reply - that is what we will try & do.

Hi everyone,

@ ScottMcD, you could also drop an advert in the Housing in Algiers section of the website so that you might get some offers.

All the best,

try websites like  :  for exemple ... it's in french and arabic but you could translate the adds directly from your browser ... many offers there with photos

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