Happiness of South Africans living in Holland?

Hi everyone!

My name is Maxime Muilwijk and when I was 9 years old we (my family of 2 sisters and parents) moved from the Netherlands to South Africa. 15 years later, happily married with my South African husband, but I want to move back to the Netherlands. My husband is quite reluctant as it is such unknown territory and he has only been there once for holidays. I can't think of reasons why not to go! How can I convince him? What I want to know is whether South African expats living in the Netherlands now are truly happy with the decision they made. Is it worth the while, the adaptation? I just truly can't see a future for my children here (we don't have any yet) but I don't want to convince him to go and then it is not what it seemed? Advice would be greatly appreciated!

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It's difficult to drag someone to an another country if they don't have the thrills to go.
Maybe it's a good idea to write things on paper. Your pro's and con's and his. Discuss with each other.

What do you expect from the Netherlands, what has the Netherlands and South Africa not or vice versa.
The grass is not always greener at the other side.

Thank you Primadonna! That is a very good idea thank you for your advice. Do you currently reside in The Netherlands?

No Maxine, I left the Netherlands eleven years ago and I now live in Amman, Jordan.

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