New in Makassar

Hi ! everyone. I just start working in Makassar. I am looking for some kind of activities for the weekend. any suggestion. Where is the best hangout place?

Hi, welcome to the forum and Indonesia.
I'm unsure there are any members in your area so replies are likely to be thin on the ground.
Why did you choose Makassar?

Hiii Fred,

Im also working in Makassar. Makassar is a bit slow pace city. the activities will depend on the things you like. For starters you can check out Fort Roterdam (Remnants of the Dutch colony are doind on that place). Culinary adventure if you feel like eating out some local food such as palubasa, Kondro, coto makassar and more....


I am a new member here and I am originally fr ok m Makassar.
I would love to create some events where we clukd meet, sharing and discuss about any positive things.

If you are still in Makassar, we could try to create an events and invite s to me others to join.

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