Marriage in Belarus

Hi. Looking at marriage between Irish citizen and Belarusian citizen. The Belarusian citizen has been living in Ireland for several years and taken out Irish citizenship. The plan would be to marry in Belarus. We know the Irish citizen requires a certificate of freedom to marry in Belarus. Our question is does the person with dual Belarusian/Irish citizenship who is domiciled in Ireland also require a certificate?

In general terms - does a Belarusian citizen domiciled outside Belarus require a certificate of freedom to marry in Belarus.

Thanks for your help

my understanding Belarus does not allow dual citizenship, I just married a belarusian woman and I am an American we did get married here in Belarus and I needed papers but uf she has become an Irish citizen Id be vwry careful about getting married in Belarus, I think you both will have to have paperwork but goid luck and congratulations.  I just got married 6 month anniversary.

Hi. You're right about dual citizenship. Belarus does not recognise foreign citizenship. Embassies etc. all want to refer a person to Zags, but one would imagine it's a common scenario - a Belarusian living outside Belarus who wants to marry at home.

I would suspect the same you would have to go through t your local Zags we got married in Klechiv where will you be getting married?  I have,never been to Ireland but I still do have family living in I think County Mayo

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