Year round rentals and work

Hi my name is Lisa from The United States.
I’m looking to get out of dodge.
Ten years ago I asked a friend who frequently vacationed the Caribbean what the most beautiful place he had been to. The Dominican Republic was his reply.
I’m looking to becoming an expat.
I need a job but I don’t speak any Spanish so what are my opportunities?

Welcome to the forums. First visit to see if YOU like it.  THen to work you need residencia. There is a pinned thread on this. Its not easy but its doable.

Getting a job depends on your skills (Start learning spanish) and  how little you can effectively live on.  Read the threads on living here.  Read read read and then you can get a better idea. THEN VISIT!!!

Hi planner
You seem to know A lot about the Dominican Republic.
I don’t want to visit.
But I have done my research for residency.

Lisa welcome
Just moving here with out visiting may not be the smartest thing you can do.
Yes you need your residency (and this must start back in the US for you) and not here.  This can be a bit $$ and you have to show some form of solvency. .  But you need it to work here legally.  Work will be hard to find especially if you are not fluent in Spanish, and the pay here is very low compared to what you are used to.  A good paying non professional job will earn you $$300-$500 a MONTH!
Do your self a favor and come visit for month as a non tourist (not at a resort) and see if it works for you.  Also this is a big country with many areas to chose from.
We have lived here full time for nearly 12 years now and Planner for a bit longer than that.

Bob K

Lisa464 - as you read more of these, you will see that Planner and Bob are two long term expats and they have more experience and info than you can shake a stick at. Many others do to. Research is all well and good, but as the military says, boots on the ground - are the most important part of research. Not being here you do not get the feel of the land, the people or the general atmosphere. SO many folks love a place based on research. Living someplace provides a totally different perspective. Good luck - set yourself up for success not disappointment.

Hi Lisa,
Do you have a resume(CV)?  I kind of do outsourcing businesses in DR so just in case send me your CV.  The pay will be less than in the U.S. but living in DR is usually cheaper than the US.

Yes I do have a resume.
I will download it.
What is the best way to do this ?

My sole purpose is to get out of this country for the obvious reason.
I can adapt.
I can find a roommate.
I can work in agriculture in the fields if I need to.
As far as solvency , are you saying I must already have a vocation to apply for residency?
If I come on a visa that’s 3 months.

I am just going through this now. You must have proof of an minimum income of $1500 USD per month as one of the steps of applying for residency......

I am kind of new to this site so I am not that savvy on how to download it here but my email is ****

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Bob K

Yes you need to show that you can support yourself to apply for your residency. Meaning earning money or have lots of savings.  "working in the fields"....come on girl get real.  If you were fluent in Spanish or Creole and could  work for 10 hours of more a day in the hot sun and get paid $8 a day if you were lucky you might have a slight (2%) chance of getting a field job.
I am afraid that you really have not done your research and are setting your self up for a big failure here.

Bob K

Bob os right.

You cant get a 3 month visa. Its 30 days, callefd a tourist card.

Otherwise get residencia and apply for a job.

Hi all, I'm fairly new to the site but have loved the DR for years! I'm grappling with a real estate purchase in Cabarete to own as income property. My end game is to retire to the DR but that's more than 15yrs away. In your opinion, is this the right time for such a purchase or should I wait a little longer? Also, is the rental market in Cabarete sustainable and potentially facing a boom? I'm literally one step away from taking the leap but for obvious reasons, I'm petrified! Any advice from the 'expat experts' would be invaluable! Thx!

Friedaf welcome.
A question for you....How much time have you spent in Cabarete?
Remember rentals are all about location, location, location and a good management team.
Make sure you have all the facts especially on rental history of the property.
May I ask what condo you are considering.
We had condo in Ocean Dream that we sold recently
Go slow

Bob K

Thanks Bob K,

I've vacationed in the DR for the past three years. Once in Punta Cana and a number of times in Cabarete. Looking at a property in Paradise Condos. I love the small expat community and the seemingly growing opportunities becoming available in the kite surfing town.
I've been thinking about relocating later in life for a while and when I first visited Cabarete, I felt like that was the place.
"Go slow" is exactly what my mother is telling me as well...

I am not sure where these condos are. Can you tell me?  If they are  not on the beach or directly across from the beach and not in town you will have a harder time renting them with high occupancy rates.
This may not be the time in you life to make a major purchase like this but rather continue to visit when you can.

Bob K

On a general level the north coast is a growing market. Things continue to get better.

That said its about timing and location.  And Bob is much more knowledeable on that than.I am.

The condos are a short walk to the beach. The quoted metric is .4 miles. It's around the corner from Janet's grocery store. Not many amenities but the apts are located where people actually live. I feel like the a population of vacationers who want to vacation off of a resort. I'm just torn about adding that kind of cost to my budget without being certain of real rental potential.  Everyone is going to tell me how great that potential is but I don't know how to be certain of it. I doubt if the current owner is obligated to lay that out...

If it is currently a rental property and the owner will not supply you with the rental info for the last couple of years....walk away.
Do know that most visitors like more of an upscale condo and that lifestyles is building a huge complex basically across the street and with their condos it will decrease the rental pool.
You also will need a reliable rental management company and that will cut into your rental income as well.

Bob K

Also are there HOA fees and how is the complex run as far as management goes and you should ask to see the last couple of years of their budget and expenses as well as minutes of their yearly meetings.

Bob K

Spanish is an absolute necessity here, jobs are scarce and very poorly paid while costs and expenses are high. If you don't have an established source of income and cannot speak Spanish it would be extremely difficult to try to live in the D.R. in 2017.

You can actually get by with some Spanish and in the Expat areas do not need to be fluent but a good base will go a long way.

Bob K

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