Hoping for you Kind Input to my Spass Application with Two company

I'am Joshua from the Philippines, and here goes my story.

I went to Singapore to have a new life and a new beginning, So we flew there together with my Girlfriend and look for a job, after a month we both have a job offer and we took them. After our pass has been submitted, we both go home to the Philippines and here we both wait for the approval of our pass.

After a week, i receive an offer from company B that gives me a better salary and a better working environment, i only choose the company A because we only got a few day left and i don't want to go home empty handed even though i really hate working for company A. So here is the question,

1. Do I need to tell company A to cancel my pass application? if so how?
2. Some of information that i saw in the internet gives conflicting ideas regarding pass application, Can a multiple pass application could be done? because company b told me that they  will apply for me, and some said that could be done and some said it cant i just want your opinion guys.
3. And if the answer to no. 2 question is "NO". Should i tell company A, to cancel my application and tell them a lie about being with their company?or tell them the truth? because i have conflicting ideas if i tell them the truth maybe company A wont cancel my application and all will be gone or tell them a lie and piss them off?

i really need your ideas guys and P.S : does it really takes a month and more to approve an pass and that is if all went well???

You can only have one work pass application at any one time.
Company A must cancel theirs before B can submit another one.
So you must terminate your employment contract with company A - then they must cancel the application immediately. Check your employment contract on how and with which notice periods you can terminate. If you cannot keep those terms (e.g. notice period too long), you could explain the situation to the company and hope for their goodwill. But do not break the contract, otherwise they could report this to MoM and it might block you from getting any other work pass.
A work pass application currently takes 1 - 3 months to be processed.

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