GCC Medical certification for employment visa - South american citizen

Hello everyone.

I am engineer from Colombia south America and received an job offer to work in a project in Oman. Recently a HR member from the company requested me for visa application to send a medical test certification performed in a GCC accredited medical centre. He attached a excel file with a list of accredited centres, but i saw only 11 countries in the list (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Syria, Nepal, Sudan, Sri lanka, Indonesia, Egypt and Ethiopia), not any country in south America.

I tried to explain him this and kindly requested him if possible to take the medical exam once arrived to Oman due my nationality, but this HR guy roughly answered that the test must be done in my country.

I kindly replied that Colombia, my country is far away of any of those in the excel list, also I stated that I know people from my country already working in that project and their medical test was performed once they arrived to Oman. In a kindly manner I suggest him to ask his manager about this issue.

It has passed one week and I have not received any answer from him, even when I mailed him again asking for an update.

My question is how possible or difficult is for me as a Colombian citizen to apply for a employment visa in Oman without a pre-departure GCC approved medical certification?

Thanks to all of you in advance and sorry for the extended explanation


Hi hd_buelvas,

In Oman, one of the most important people in the organisation is the company PRO. And always the company PRO is a local (Omani). This job has been Omanised (i.e., reserved only for the locals) for many years now.

And usually, most companies that are not large enough to have an independent HR team would depend on their PRO for conducting all their HR related activities as well.

This preamble on the importance of the HR / PRO in the Omani context is therefore relevant as well as important to understand for all new expatriates and those wanting to become residents of the Sultanate, who may otherwise not be aware of the critical role a PRO plays in the life of the expatriates once they come to Oman.

All official business has to be done necessarily and only through the Omani PRO. That is how important a role the PRO would play.

From your post, any reader will gather that while you have been polite and calm throughout, the HR representative from the company that has made you the offer, was entirely not. This sounds quite strange since there is no reason for any animosity between you two even before the relationship has begun. You both must be practically strangers.

If others from your country have come and then got the GAMCA medical tests done, then for sure you too can do likewise.

It must be noted that expatriates are prohibited from carrying out any paperwork with any of the government bodies by themselves. So you cannot apply for an employment visa by yourself. This must be filed by your prospective employer alone. And that too through the company PRO.

Suggest you wait for sometime and try to contact the concerned person, hoping for a favourable response this time. Else, see if you can contact someone holding a leadership position in that organisation to step in and assist you.

Hi Sumitran

Thank you so much for the guidance and advise. Surely It's strange and I was surprised about the little polite manner of this person. I've been felt unsupported and concerned for this.

I've been dealing with this person since he first requested me to send attested copy of academic certifications and passport sized photos for clearance of Ministry of manpower. I opportunely sent all documents and now He has come with the requesting of medical certification.

Fortunately the company is rather big and there is a HR team and not only him (the offer was released from the team).

I will follow your advise to wait a time and if this guy does not show up I will contact a higher position person in the company.



Finally they came up with the good new that my employment visa was granted and medical test will be performed once I arrive to Oman.

My flight will be on Dec. 2nd and next day from arriving I will be signing the job contract.


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