Building a House in Las Terrenas

I am doing diligence investigating architects and builders in the Las Terrenas area.  If anyone has done the same and would be willing to share their experiences (good & bad) I would greatly appreciate it.

Sorry my contacts are all in Sosua/Cabarete area.
Good luck in your build.

Bob K

Good luck! Doing research is absolutely a must, wish i could help.

You might want to look more interior , away from the coast and purchase building material yourself.  With the roof damage that came with heavy rains this year and the growth of DR, Contractors are in high demand and they know it.
P.S. take care of the workers ,the money your paying doesn't reach them.
Best of luck

Are you saying look to the interior for builders?  I watched the terrible storms sweep through the  Caribbean last year and it seemed like the concrete roofs had a lot less damage than all wood;
would you agree?  Seems to make sense.  Typically in the US at least there is an architect/designer and then a separate company does the build.  Is that a practice in the DR?  I do have a reputable lawyer set up to review construction contracts.

Will make a note of the workers being taken care of.  Good advice.

He is saying that much of the builders on the coast are busy due to hurricane damage rebuilding.  I dont know if that is actually true.

Most damage was to non concrete buildings and they usually don't hire architects and or builders to repair. They contact someone in the barrio and repairs get made.

You need to come here and assess for yourself how things are done. Anyone who doesn't have a vague idea of how things are done yet is going to build is asking for a lot of problems. Come see how things happen, spend some time here before you start spending a lot of money.

And its not just the workers not getting properly paid, its vendors etc.  You need to be aware of and watch every peso that is spent.  Make sure you double check the quality of materials delivered vs what you purchased, not to mention the quantity.  You need to watch what is used and how, do they build to the quality as specified?  Are your materials walking off the building site at night for example?

Building here is not easy.

depends a bit what you are looking for. Living almost 15 years in Las Terrenas. Just pm and i can give you some contractors to check out. also architects.

Building a home from the ground up is not easy in any country -- and I speak from experience.

I plan to be onsite during the build. I have gathered info on the process while I was in-country.  I was just trying to clarify the information provided by the other reader, and add and compare information to my own due diligence. I did not ask about repairing a home after a storm (of course you wouldn't call on an architect or a builder you would do it locally), rather how to best reduce the impact of future storms during the design process and material selection    I thought this was a forum to ask these types of questions.

It is the ones who have had hands on experience to ask, however, I doubt that many here have the knowledge you require. I have the knowledge & a couple of others do also. You will get response from "know it alls", disregard the naysayers, they just enjoy throwing boulders in your path.  Good luck & if necessary, PM the ones who  know.

Check out Douglas Barker and LT Property Services.  We'll be working with him to build our house in Coson Lomas. … -republic/

thank you!

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