Companies that ship small goods from the UK

Hi guys! Have any of you ever used one of those shipping companies where you can order things from shops in the UK like Argos, Amazon, Tesco, etc to be sent to Nairobi? Any recommendations? I'm currently looking at one company but wondering if it is legit.  :)

Yes, I have used them.  Yes, they are legit!

The company I used was Kenya Air Cargo, but there are others doing similar things, such as Kesom.  I believe they also offer the service from the UK and USA.

The price quote per kg, plus handling charge is the price you pay.  No extras for duty and so on.  You collect items from their depot in Nairobi, or you can have them couriered to you, which would add a few shillings to the cost.

It works for any online retailer where you can specify a different delivery and billing address.  What you do is to set the shipping company address as your delivery address, on Amazon etc, then notify the shipping company that the items are expected, by e-mailing them the notifications from the retailer.  The shipping company needs to be made aware of how many items will be in the consignment!  They will also need other details such as your contact in Kenya.

Once the shipping company has all the items on your list, they ship them - Kenya Air Cargo (as the name suggests) uses air freight, so the items arrive fairly quickly  - a week or so after they have been delivered to the company.

You are notified when the items have been shipped and when they arrive. 

The only complaint that I had was that Kenya Air Cargo decided to split my (small) consignment into two, which doubled the handling charge.  I thought that this was a bit sneaky.  Nevertheless, items arrived as expected, even though the second half of the consignment took a bit longer.........well it was December!

Thanks. Yes that was the company I was looking at as I would like to order some things from Argos. Had I known I would be living in Kenya I would have bought those things last year in Leeds. Simple things like toasters and hair straighteners are a bit dear it looks in Kenya. ;-)

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