A Scotsman in Spain

Hi there,

My name is Cameron Madden. I'm originally from Scotland and spend the first 24 years of my life living there. That is until about 10 weeks ago when I made the move to Pamplona, Spain. I'm still adjusting to the difference in language and culture. The language part is a little more challenging and even though I know un poco Espanol, i'm still very much in the dark. It doesn't help that the people who speak English here can't decipher my Scottish accent.

I had planned to make use of my TEFL qualification out here but instead I've taken a different path and started down what will hopefully turn into a career as a writer. For the moment I'm earning enough to get by though doing freelance work. I'm also doing some of my own writing and working on some short stories, my blog and even a novel.

Happy trail!

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