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Helli everyone :) i am glad to join here , i am "almost " an experienced one about panama looking fkr a job that i can work by using my english skills and highly motivated to work and improve myself , i would be so pleased if someone who needs an english speaker employee let me know about it Thank you in advance and good luck for everyone :)

Hello, do you have a work permit? What do you do exactly?

Hello again , i dont have a work permit right now im still statued as a tourist and need a work permit to work , in case of working for a company or etc i will need it for sure but dont have too much information about how this process will go on about the permit , can you please share  me if you have an idea about how to do it?

By the way its my 3th month in panama

Not to be mean, but the evidence here is that your English language skills are not on a top level.

Really? Its good to hear that from a canadian  , nobody could have a "top" language skills unless he is not a native speaker

Kubilayccan - are you a Spanish-speaking person? If so, your English is serviceable for a Spanish country I would think. Again, if so, I would look into the tourism sector.

Im not a spanish speaking person but i think i am improving my spanish day by day but i need an information about that isnt it possible to have a job about tourism in panama city only with english language at least for now because i strongly believe that i will be able to speak an average spanish soon but currently truth is that my English is much better than my spanish :)

You need a lawyer.
It's hard for foreigners who are fluent in both English and Spanish to find jobs. Most jobs are reserved for Panamanians. Most expats work remotely or create their own job/business.

Well my friend i do agree with Krist here. You will eventually need a lawyer. You still haven't told me what is it that you do in order to help you a bit more. Speaking English alone will not get you a job, sadly.

I know some foreigners are being hired as cleaning or maintenence staff in some places, also in some restaurants but it is not safe and also not well paid. people take advantage of anyone who lawfully cannot complain.

Dear Kubilay
As long as I understood you are Türk .For Turkish citizens working permit is not easy as EU countries .As a lawyer I can able to say that first living permit and after working permit.Please give me a call ***

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You better stop thinking only about the english, and listing what you can and cannot do, how much is your salary expectation and that stuff, previous labour experience is paramount to find jobs here, also labour and personal references on your Curriculum Vitae. Of course you will need a labour permit according to your migratory status and the job offered to you, for some labour permits you will require the employer to "help you" by signing beforehand your labour contract and by providing some extra documentation. I could give you more info if you wish, if thats the case lets discuss it privately.


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