Indonesian in phnom penh


I'm Indonesian expat living in Singapore.
currently I'm in phnom penh for business trip.
will be here for few months!
so looking for another Indonesian/other expat here in phnom penh!

hit me up for a drink or two!


Am from Singapore.  Would like to network and meet up for a drink.  I can be contacted on ***


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I am Local one, would you mind meeting me?

no problems to meet

Hi Henry,

I am originally from Indonesia but been living half of my life in Europe and US. I am in Phnom-Penh for the moment but do return to indonesia. Want to meet up ?


Hi Henry

Are you still in PP? my friend is from Indonesia joining me to PP end Dec.
Send me a PM your e-mail if you like to meet up.
I don't come to this forum often.


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