Highly appreciate if i got my answer,my company is multinational.I worked in dubai and i have some credit and loan from there bank,suddenly after a year my company transfer me in Qatar.More then 6 six month i didnt gone to Dubai and its automatically cancell.I changed qatar visa but its same company.Banks are keep on calling my company,so my company terminate me here in Qatar.I didnt take settlement from Dubai,Do i get my final settlement?Is it possible my company terminate me in qatar?can i file a case to my company,coz i have sign a new agreement in qatar? what is the solution kindly advice?

Hi target279,

You were working in the UAE. Then you got transferred to Qatar. And here you are posting in the Oman forum. Hmmm ??

Well, regarding your query, yes, your company can terminate you from Qatar since that is where you were working.

If you have served long enough and if you are eligible for your final settlement benefits, then as per the Oman's Ministry of Manpower rules you have to be paid by your employer - if there is no dispute in your exit, that is.

Instead of posting your same query in different places on the forum, please read the many other posts already available on your same subject. You will get all the answers you want.

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