this morning, an older woman carried a huge sack of rice

If she injures her back, will she become destitute? Will she get free treatment?

A friend in CA has been uninsured. a back injury forced him to stay home for years, then get a job as security guard.

As a man, I struggled with that sack (I ran to take it off her and suspect it was heavier than 50 kg).

She should compete in the Olympics for "over 60 year olds".

Women are incredible tough over here, at least the old generation?

I have heard that there are some facilities for free treatment, but I think in the main all medical treatment must be paid for. The Vietnamese hospitals are cheaper than US / EU places.

As I have posted on here before. .... My mother in law was a Viet Cong anti aircraft gunner at the age of 16. She now runs a farm, grows coffee, looks after a grandson.... And when she visits us, she gets up every morning at 5 o clock, walks a few km, comes home and then cleans the house from top to bottom - and I cant stop her from doing it. She is like a little dynamo,

Well, I couldn't help noticing how incredibly dirty & sometimes filthy the traditional place is where Istay. But old women do their sweeping & mopping. But no one ever does it thoroughly. It's all carved wood and the dust & dirt of years is in cracks and on areas they have been ignoring.

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