cost of rent in Pasir Gudang, Johor Bahru

what is about the cost of rent an one BHK apartment or one studio apartment with semi furnished for small family? and about the availability?
Please suggest!

How many times you ask this question?  Look at or try - usually nothing available in that location and only in nearby places.

Thanks Gravitas!

You may need to start off sharing a unit (own room) while looking for longer-term accommodation and is the place to look for this. But you also said your employer was going to offer you a room (single person)? Do be careful that your work permit allows you to bring in your family to Malaysia.

They have offered a single room in 3BHK apartment, that is not suitable for a couple.
So i am looking for another option.

A unit is being advertised for RM1350

have u found place to stay? I have one unit near pasir gudang. At Sierra Perdana

What amenities are in the unit?

You can check and iproperty, owner or agent will list out the amenities of the unit.

If I am going to Johor Bahru from India via Singapore and I have Malaysia's work permit.

What is necessary things about Immigration for go to Johor Bahru through Singapore..

Better to fly into Kuala Lumpur airport and get bus or flight to Johor Baru. Usually the Air Asia fares to/from India are very reasonable.

If you fly into Singapore and enter Malaysia by road, it looks like you need a visa.

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