Student Visa

Hello All!

I moved to Milan as I was awarded a scholarship to a fashion school but once I arrived, found an apartment, signed a contract and started the school I realized the program was not as it was advertised on the website - missing listed courses for example.

Anyway, I want to quit the school but I have not yet gone to my permesso di soggiorno appointment  as it is in Jan and I'm not sure what happens if I quit school before that and simply start looking for work.

My student visa does not expire until June but obviously if I quit school I will no longer be a student.

My biggest concern at the moment is that I have to give 6 months notice for my apartment or I lose my 3 month deposit so I was hoping that I could quit now, return to Canada for christmas and then re enter for 3 more months.

Any advice on how I can manage this situation?

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