New city...


My name's Hollie - my boyfriend, Rob, and I are moving to Nanjing January 2018.
Excited, nervous and been told we are crazy having never even been to China before.
What's life without a bit of risk, eh?..

Would be great if you have any tips on the move and our first few weeks adapting to life here.
Also, if anyone fancies a drink and introducing us to some local social gatherings, that would be great!

Thanks :)

Heh Heh.

Welcome to China.  It's a nation run by nerds.  SO you had best be ready to learn and excel.  This is not you average nation where you can just get by with a smile on your face.  You must contribute or fail.

Chinese work and study HARD, then they play HARD.  Hope you lie hard booze.  53 degree is the norm.  Everyone drinks it from 5 year old babies to 99 year old ladies.  You want to fit in, then start practicing.

Expect to work.  When I say "work", I do mean WORK. You are expected to do your best 100% of the time. Do not expect some mercy for a coffee break or a lunch or some give and take if you are late.  Unacceptable.  You are either going to contribute, or you are a lazy westerner who get fat and acts rude.

That being said...

China is wonderful.  If you are willing to learn Chinese, make friends and go native, then you can make a wonderful life.  If however, you want to live a life like what you see in the West, you will fail.  Most Americans return home with their tail between their legs after two months.

If you can survive for 6 months you have a change.  If you make it though your two year contract then you are home free.

DO NOT EXPECT American (or Western laws).  China is very ant-PC.  If you are a fat ugly woman, the Chinese will tell you this to your face.  If you are lazy, they will tell you and fire you.  If you cannot conjugate verbs, then you will be fired and blacklisted.  KNOW YOUR STUFF.

Sorry for the harsh slap of reality.  But, I tire of many wide-eyed but ignorant SJW trying to "make a difference" in a land that considers itself superior to the progressive norms of Western nations.

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