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blessday ahead...just want some info....my employer will file my exit and already bought the ticket going back to Philippines...but my cousin invited me for a visit visa in dubai she prepared riyadh to dubai dubai to Philippines ticket.....
if I will go on exit can I cancel my plane ticket that my employer gave me and use the ticket to dubai instead??? is this possible.....hoping for ur kind response and advice guys thank u in advance and Godbless

it depends on the ticket. if it is a refundable ticket which is issued from a travel agency, you stand a  good chance in getting the refund, after deductions as per airline's policy.

on the other hand, suppose the sponsor purchased tickets online using his credit / debit card, then if the ticket is refunded, the refund amount will go to the bank account which is linked with the card.

Hi @acayan_jhona86, I do not think that the exit visa has anything to do with flight tickets - if you have 2 confirmed tickets (from your employer and cousin), I would suggest you inform your employer so that he/she can get a refund for ticket.

hi sir Modjo thanks for d info.....so just incase I have to confirm tickets and I dont need to inform my employer and no need for the refund can I still continue my flight to dubai using the ticket that my cousin provided.....thank u in advane...

hi azhar_bf what if I dont need to refund and I wont use the ticket that my employer bought me hence my cousin will already provide me a ticket and visit visa to dubai....will this affect my flight bound to dubai????
thanks in advance hoping for ur kind response

No issues at all - 1 ticket (from your employer) will be automatically canceled as a "no show", the other ticket (from your cousin) will still be valid and can be used to go to Dubai.

Have fun in Dubai!  :D

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