Beer , Wine and other spirits.

When I am in the states I enjoy a craft beer, a fine tequila or a Knob Creek bourbon.   
A sipping liquor of Drambuie or a creme sherry but when it comes to wine I really know nothing and choose by the pretty label and the color of the wine I think may be right for what-ever-reason..

Here in Madagascar I really only know Three Horse Beer which almost  taste like it could be horse related and I put a lemon peel and juice inside, like we do in the states with a Dos Equis  Mexican beer. 
I have tried some "no name " types of wines that gave me headaches.  And, some sugar cane Nosy Be rot-gut rum from the store Score, rum I am sure could be used as paint thinner, and feared for my health

We have a good size family Reunion coming this Holiday, the New Year 2018.  My question is this-  Is there any good quality beer wine or spirits I should be looking for in any of the market places?   
Thank you

Red Island Brewing co is a craft beer that sells out of Madagascar Underground in the city. Great stuff.

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