ADHD ADD Dyslexia Dyscalculia Dysgraphia LD and Behavioural Challenges

I am considering immigrating to Samui by the end of 2018 mid 2019 and to open a Clinic that deals with the subjects.
1) Is there anyone who is working in this area on the island. Can I make contact with them please.
2) Where would such a facility be best suited for ? Maybe near one of the major hospitals or a large International school.
3) Any other info and or guidance will be greatly appreciated.


Hi, i know very little about the subject but my first concern is opening on a small island such as ko samui is not going to get you much business. Also who do you expect to get as customers/patients , thais or foreigners ? Are you fluent in thai ? Is there any properties suitable on samui for a medical centre ? Can you meet the criteria for work permit , investor , qualifications ? Unless you have recognised a huge demand on the island for this type of therapy i would suggest you try else where.

Thank you for your response.

I am not looking for a HUGE demand.. I could simply just retire and still be very comfortable ..and offer courses on Brain Entrainment Therapy.
I want to be doing something not waste away kinda semi retired occupation..I noted on your website there is a Dyslexia therapist on her way to live on Samui ! .

Being a professionalist myself i would suggest that you carefully that you carefully  investigate your work permit paperwork before you start anything. It would be ashame of if you had you had your ambitions dashed by immigration, You would not be depriving a Thai with your specialty but then again some Thai official might have other thoughts,

I have been privileged to work with Thai embassy in my country and also offered services to Thai embassy on festivals.
On numerous occasions I was asked by Thai foreign ministry officials why I do not offer my services in Thailand as it would be something that the youth could greatly benefit from! I also backpack with students for 40 days plus through Thailand with students of which personal development is the focus. I have an adopted Thai daughter on Samui (34 years old) hence my reason to want to be on Samui be close to her and spend some time with her. She owns land and business on Samui. I am just looking for something meaningful to do. I could also take Thai students backpacking through Southern Africa on personal development adventures since 2004. However my passion is Brain Entrainment therapy. I'm a Naturopath physician. I am qualified in both. I have natural pharmacology as a specialisation. I know that Thailand does not employ foreign medics. I however is looking at Behavioural science which would be wellness and not medicines council health practice. I have clinical trial success for stroke , depression, and related conditions as a rehabilitation therapy utilizing Audio Visual Brain Entertainment. Which doesn't require medical council approval. It will also allow me more time with my daughter. I could offer it as auxiliary service to hospitals and for schools to enhance academic excellence and personal achievement. I'm not sure if there is anyone on the island working in these areas. I know going to Bangkok would make it a win extraodanaire but its not what my focus is. I know the Thai Education ministry will consider endorsing my services especially for Thai youth...but I am looking at a slower pace for myself and perhaps training other therapists is the way to go.
I have a small holding in Thepa An and could just simply go and retire ...but I still feel I have loads to offer society at large. And would like to do this on Samui however if not ideal I will be forced to reconsider. Any advice and guidance is sincerely appreciated.

Thanks you so much for your response ...sincerely appreciated post.. I have been backpacking through Thailand and South East Asia with students from South Africa for 40 Days at a time on personal development adventures since 2004 every year. I could now offer this the other way around by taking Thai students on backpacking adventures through Southern Africa whilst living on Samui.

If anyone has any specific information on how I could provide professional services in Thailand, that are not even part of any university level program in Thailand, I would appreciate hearing about it, in Chiang Mai. Thus far I have heard and dealt with the hokey pockey bs that is in part simply nothing more then some grey area of the corrupt system. I've personally spoken with a high ranking official that understands and promotes this concept of utilizing and yet the government or more likely immigration does not recognize the benefit of professional Farang's actually provides skills and services that would improve the quality of life in Thailand. Can anyone give me some direction on this topic?

I tend to cringe when I hear foreigners boasting how much they would improve the quality of life in Thailand if they were simply granted visas and work permits for jobs they retired from in the West.  It comes off as a bit self-serving and condescending.  If Thais are not interested, that is their right and it won’t make any difference how many times one repeats the word professional.  If they invite you to advise in some capacity then by all means help them if you feel you can and want to.  I don’t feel it is our place, however, to advocate for change if they don’t want it.  It is after all their home not ours.  That is just my opinion and I understand many foreigners don't agree with me on this subject.

As you say your opinion is your opinion.

I participate in various activities around Chiang Mai. One of them is through the English Speaking Rotary Club. One of the members is an optometrist. With the help of Rotary and his equipment they make trips, sometimes on a weekly basis, to schools throughout the area. One of the sites was the children's detention center, or Juvenile Detention Center. Everywhere we go we provide free eye evaluations and free glasses when needed. We even offer staff the same service, for free. I have never heard a single complaint about these professional services. In fact there are a fair number of Thai's who appreciate the offer, caring, and opportunity to improve one aspect in the quality of their life.

I'm starting with another project. There is a hospital that provides long term care for patients. As with any hospital there are varying degrees and conditions to deal with. I have and will be dealing with stroke patients because that is part of my professional background. I know for a fact that none of my clients or patients have never had a complaint for having someone to help them understand or overcome a concern or problem. I've also seem some children here where the parents have some concerns about and for their children. In every case the parent was most appreciate. Do you have any idea what it is like to be a parent that is worried about their child and not be able to get any answers or in some cases not even know where to begin to look for help from a PROFESSIONAL.

I am looking at a process in Chiang Mai. According to the standard profile there are easily 900 students that need specialized help that only a professional understands or knows how to provide. I can help with those children but I certainly can't help all 900 students, and Thailand has no University program in the country that addresses these specialties.

Let me give you another example. There is this obscure thing called Autism or even Asperger's Syndrome. The United States is the only country that provides a credentialed and certified program to provide qualified assistance for this population. I can assure you that both group exist in Thailand and a few get help. Even CMU had a program with Autistic children and elephants. As usual there seems to be a funding issue.

I do know first hand that Thai's are aware of the above mentioned specialized professional services. This included both the lay and educated Thai professionals. However it is the government that makes the final decisions.

I obviously am speaking beyond the scope of your statement.

I have also come across professionals who have had some experience with Thailand. Because of unnecessary complications with some kind of bureaucratic "stuff" they see how much of a was of time it is to deal with it.

It reminds me of a story in this neighborhood. The Princess has a house in this area. She comes here once a year for a few days, and hands out diplomas. The area has some homes in it. She decided to invite the neighbors to her house for a simple social, just to be nice. The district leader heard about it and invited every government person he could think of making sure that the neighbors had no access to the social. What a crock!

When I'm talking about professionalism I mean something. I have no idea what you are saying with your superficial comments.

I have noticed that the word professional means a great deal to you but you may have noticed it carries little weight with me.  All I am saying is that in my opinion all you can do is offer.  It is entirely up to them if they want to allow you to work here or not.  It sounds like you are already working or volunteering so I am not sure what the problem is.

Your Princes story doesn’t make much sense or sound very credible to me but no doubt it stirs the emotions in some and that is the point of those kinds of stories after all.

Ignorance has it's own bliss.

If only that bliss didn't lead to so much complaining about the locals.


I am a mother of an autistic son who is 15 years old now and he used to go to special needs care center in Koh Samui  because he born there my family lived in Samui for more than 15 years. There is one training center in Bangrak area and no clinic yet but now we moved to Bangkok. This day I train my son myself and teach him at home he improved a lot he doesn't looks ADHD behavior children. He is quite smart and studying computer software online himself, I only guide him.

Now get to the points, in Samui there are small group of special needs children and all used to go to see doctor at Suratthani near by or to Bangkok . I have dream to do something for special needs children too. I have 15 years experiences as raised my own special son plus had get some training.

Hope my note help you somewhat. You can contact me for further.


Hi Maya
I'm so pleased to hear of your sons progress and your sacrifices and efforts. I get very emotional when I hear first hand from parents who advocate and make life changing decisions for their special needs children.

Hi Bill
On behalf of all those whose lives you have so positively are sincerely appreciated.
The spirit of giving and living selflessly is highly commendable and if you are anything like me ..home is where I lay my backpack...and then the adage of charity begins at home.. Certainly applies to me and how I conduct my life.
Should I decide to stay on Samui I certainly would want to contribute to the wellbeing of the inhabitants in a way I am most conversant with. ..and for me that is Brain Entrainment . Learning Challenges and Disabilities are one of those areas in development that has been sorely neglected resulting into other psychological and even physiological conditions.
So instead of just putting up nesting and take take take  I would want to contribute meaningfully. Hence whether its Africa or Asia I will give of what I have willingly. Too many of us are oxygen thieves while the world around is need benevolent and giving souls. Those who are not convicted to making this world a better life for ALL walk around with blinkers and are "gimme pigs"
And from what you posted .. It reflects that you are a benevolent soul. Keep up the good work. I should be your way around June 2018 and if you wish we could meet up and strategice " How to make the world a better place ...even if it is just for the Youth "  You can check my FB page " The Health and Healing Clinic "
Love Life Light & Laughter Always.

To Maya;

Just in case you are not aware there is a web site called (The American Speech/language Hearing Association). You could say it's the AMA of Speech and Hearing in the US. You as an individual can use a portion of the site to either do some research or provide direct questions to qualify personnel. They may even direct you to one of the SLP's in Bangkok. Non the less, it's a resource.

I commend you on providing intervention for your son. It's not every parent that has the courage to do so, since it's such a challenging disorder. As a parent it is some times difficult to say no even though you know it's in the child's best interest.

To Mirii;

Thank you too for your posting, and your encouraging comments.

I do plan on being here in June. I would be a pleasure to meet with you then. I am familiar with your topics but not your specific strategies. I would like to hear about them.

Excuse me for saying so I am not a Facebook person. That both dates me and demonstrates one of my philosophies.

If you have plans for visiting Chiang Mai in June write me a PM and we'll exchange email addresses.

To both of you, thank you very much for your encouraging words. I have always enjoyed helping people helping themselves, and I don't intend to stop now even with some snipit.


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