Desire to meet US expat living part time in SM de allende

Hello, I will be visiting the Belmond property in SM de Allende from Jan 21-26, 2018 and would like to meet American expats who live there.  My wife and I are thinking of living there for half the year and the other half in Charleston, SC.

Feel free to email me:  *** and maybe we can hook up.


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Oups, misunderstanding of word "expat or expatriate".

My understanding of the above word is "someone that is living fulltime outside his Homeland and that has no more ties with his Homeland country thus being a non-resident and being considered as such by the Homeland government including the IRS"

The term "emigrant" is a synonimous of expatriate.

The Canadians staying 6 months a year in Florida, Arizona or Texas aren't considered expats or emigrants from Canada but more as "snowbirds", same for the Americans going south in winter (Maine to Florida like my sister-in-law does).

My wife and I have move to Mexico fulltime and we are now considered by the Mexican government as immigrants and as emigrants for the Canadian government.

But maybe I'm might be wrong.

Adios y buen dia a todos, GyC.

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