DeLancer Internet

Anyone know the latest re DeLancer Internet'?
Been reading conflicting Information on other social media sites.

One showed copy a list of prices and the prices were 500 peso less than what I am paying for same speed I have. So have they lowered the price but not passing this on for existing customers, which would be a proper rip off?

Others have said they have doubled their speed for same price but one has to apply to them for this to take effect.?

Well Internet has always been a very  expensive mess here, But friend who lives at Seahorse tells me hes is getting  80 Mbps which is an amazing speed for this country!
I got a lousy 1,5 which is a sad joke for the high price. But this friend only pays around 2000 for that high speed, while am paying 1700 for a crap 1,5!
an astronomical difference!!
Bad news is that fast speed is only available in certain parts of Sosua, so sadly cant sign up for that and stuck with snail speed DeLancer.

Why not go in and ask them  directly

Bob K

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