moving to nairobi

moving to nairobi for a job offer with the family , reasonable pay , i am from sri lanka and would love to meet people friends so to have plasent memories in nairobi
Can any one of you introduse me to the living standards and social activities in nairobi
Or Pros and Cons living in Nairobi ????

Hello Shanakad,

How are you ?I wish you are fine, Welcome in Nairobi.

Nairobi, is a very very very nice place to live, not cheap city, may Malls around, modern city, with terrible roads LOL but I love it Off-road every day :),  uber and little cab exist no problem and always competition between them .and this good for clients.

Safety, to be honest I am here since April nothing happened to me, but you need to stay in secure place and move around better with taxi but you also can walk like all Kenyan people.

Kids, I see many things for them like the Nairobi art center for teaching kids art skills, also I guess many places has kids area when you go out, for schools I don't know actually.

Accommodation, not easy to find something good so I would ask in Nairobi expats  housing at Facebook from now. and if you are going to stay for long time I would go for unfurnished apartment, cheap and better, if you need support in this point I am happy to help you.

Good luck.

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