Concerned Mother

My son was on vacation in Sosua October this year for eight days.  He met a young lady the first evening at a disco and they were together the whole time he was there.  He is smitten to say the least.  She wants him to come meet her mother after the first of the year.  She is 30 with a little girl and he is 47 (divorced).  Evidently, they are discussing her coming here on a 90 day trial period to see if she would like it.  He has been checking into the procedure.  I am very concerned.  I want him to get to know her better, but the country makes it difficult.  I am worried about him going back to a big city, rather than a tourist area where they seemed to have tourist police (?).   Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Two things.
Post this in the Dominican Republic forum (I live in Sosua).  There is a ton of information on this situation and I will write more when this shows up there.
Second....tell him to RUN AWAY as fast as he can.  There is a 99,9999% chance  she is a gold digger and probably has many "boyfriends" sending her money.
See you on the DR forum

Bob K

Thank you for the reply Bob K, I thought I was on the DR forum.  My first time posting.  I will try to repost there.

You made it over to the DR forum.

Bob K

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