Agent for trade between europe and cambodia

I posted this earlier in another topic, but I would like your thoughts on this.

Would there be interest for a sales agent for Cambodian farmers and factories to sell their products in Europe, like my countries Belgium and the Netherlands? Or act as agent for European companies to import from Cambodia?
Last year a friend of mine was interested in importing some agricultral products from Cambodia, but he had no clue how to arrange this. It can be difficult without a western oriented, english speaking representative on the ground in Cambodia.
I have quite some experience in import and export, but don't want to start a big business anymore. I like to partly retire and do some nice projects. This seems something I would like to do.
I am starting a project too in Siem Reap but later I would like to live in SHV, And there I could be usefull as agent/consultant in import and export. I don't want to trade anymore by myself. What are your thoughts and ideas about this?

Hello James.

I advise you to put this in the Classifieds section here, under Business partners.

Good luck!

Cambodia expat-advisor team

Dear Joe,

I am not looking for business partners right now. It will probably take me about 10 months before I will move to Cambodia. Just wanted to know the thoughts of expats like you whether there would be demand of such a service.

Fair enough James.

As for business I would advise to go another route. First find out what products are exported from Cambodia apart from those products that are protected or sponsored. The last group is e.g. textiles and footwear, that received generalized system of preferences (GSP) trade privileges.

Agriculture is the next group of exports (corn, rice, rubber, Kampot pepper). I don't know if there are growers looking for an agent to export into Europe. I'm afraid that all export is centralized in the EU.

So a market study would be the first step me thinks.

Good luck.


Dear Joe,

I have some expecience in import and export and nothing is arranged centrally in the EU. There are bigger companies who do import and export but smaller companies don't know how. They just sell their products to importer/exporter and they arrange everything and have the big profit. I know there are many smaller compnies who would love to buy in Cambodia, especially fruits, herbs and so on.  They now buy at the big companies for prices that are triple or 6-10 times the market prices in Cambodia.

I have been planning to buy some Agricultural products for a friend in Cambodia. But it is hard when you do not have someone in the harbour you can trust and speaks english. I know also that the local farmers and villages in Cambodia do not have the knowlegde how to export their products even when they have a buyer.

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