Iam an indian working in KSA since 10 years in poultry processing field.

Ive been offered a job in oman( sinaw) in the same field with a salary of 750 RO (omani riyals) Plus accommodation , Medical insurance for family.

My question is that with this salary can i survive and save  which is the main aim for an expatriate, my family will be living with me including a son who will be studying in 11th std.

I also want to know if there is any school in sinaw or nearby sinaw with CBSE curriculum .

Kindly let me know the fee structure for grade 11.

I shall be highly obliged if i would be furnished with details of my querys.


You may want to post this concern of yours in one of the cities in Oman not in Riyadh. People who live in Oman might help you out or give insights about this matter. So I suggests you create another post under Oman forum. :)

Thank you.

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