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Hi, i am Asad  khan from Pakistan, now working in petroleum development of oman (PDO),
Dear sir,
               I worked a company as a permit holder 5 months and 15 days with out any written agreement, the company delayed my salary, whenever i asked about my salary, he told we trying to clear your salary, some time told bank issues, sponsor out of city  like this. At least they released me from job and i am not got single riyal. Now what can i do please guide me and give me correct advice, thanks

Hi Asad Khan05,

As an expatriate who has been duped, you have every right to complain your employer's misdeeds with the Ministry of Manpower and with your country's embassy in Muscat.

What you can also do is to read through the similar cases of many other expatriates who have been under very similar circumstances like yourself.

All those discussions are available on the forum. Reading through those various topics and threads would give you many more smart ideas on how you can tackle your loss.

Dear sir,
                I have only time sheet and which company i works that a subcontractor company, i have certified latter of owner company that our company under  working, certified, mr Asad khan worked sub contractor of our company, and we booked accommodations, food, transportation and all things take responsibility sub contractor and company will pay for this employee,
Sir, i have only these evidence,

You can file an online complain to Ministry of Manpower, I have stumbled this link - … s-service/

"The system encourages that before filling a complaint, you should complaint first internally or within your company first."

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