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We will be moving to Chennai in October. My sun is 15 month old, I'm expecting our 2nd baby for August. I was wondering if I can talk with any of you about your experience with pediatrics, child care...etc.

Thanks so much.


Hi!! I´ll be there in about June so, I will be there first! with a one year old baby =) I can go around and check and by the time you are there I´ll have the info hahaha hopefully we can meet when you arive! by the way Im liz and Im from Mexico!

Hi Liz!!

Ok, thanks, go on first, see you later!

Hi, ther r many good pediatrics in and aroun Chennai, do let me know your exact location, i can help u out

Hi, ther r many good pediatrics in and aroun Chennai, do let me know your exact location, i can help u out

call up justdial to get in touch with pediatric consultants...if u want some1 personal contact @ remitpost[at]

Hello!!! I'm moving to to Chennai in October, and, I have a 11th months old baby girl, I need to know about pediatricians too, so, if you get any info, please let me know, I'll apriciated, I hope we can meet there too, see ya!!!!

pediatrics are good here

hey liz sent you a msg in ur inbox

hope u and the baby are fine ,are u still here in chennai???

Hello I am moving to Chennai in January 2013 after I have had my first baby in October 2012.  My husband and I are moving over here due to his job and I will not be working as will be full time mum.  Is there any mother and baby expats clubs or coffee mornings for me to meet new mums and make friends?  Please can anyone let me know where is best to go.

Many thanks Jennie Hayes

For pregnant women like me who are eagerly waiting to see her baby even before it's born....Recently when I had to go for scan to check the growth of my baby, my gynec suggested me to go for a 4D scan to see my baby's live movements in real time. She referred me to Samyuktha Scans in Alwarthirunagar, Chennai. My eyes were filled with tears of joy when I saw my cutie baby yawning and smiling inside me! As I got the images in a CD also, my in-laws now keep watching the CD so often and we all feel as if our baby is already with us though the due date is only on Sep 13th. Even the ambience and staff in Samyuktha Scans are quite good and they make us feel comfortable when we get nervous. Good luck to all expectant mothers :)

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